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Peter Lavenson of New England Sunrooms (radio-like interview with slide show)

Peter Lavenson is owner of New England Sunrooms in Natick, Massachusetts.  In this interview Peter explains what inspires him to help home owners around New England create a light-filled addition to their living space.



Q:  How did you get into building sunrooms?

Peter:  I love what I do because I’m passionate about the outdoors.  And I’m passionate about solving problems for people that we all seem to have in New England.  It’s a beautiful place to live, but for six months of the year the weather is not so great and conducive to being outside.

Q: Who would you say is the best candidate for building a sunroom?

Peter:  Our ideal client would be somebody who wants to add some space onto their home but keep it light and open and airy so they can enjoy it in the summer — and stay cool and breezy — and in the winter to be warm and cozy because of the technology that we have in our glass.

sunroom traditional-exterior transitional-sunroom traditional-sunroom

Q: What types of design options do you offer?

We have about 17 different styles that people can choose from.  The Victorian conservatory is very popular in New England because it’s traditional.  But we also have cathedral styles, Georgian hip styles, shed styles and curved glass.  And what we do is take a look at the home, photograph the back of it and we can virtually put a sunroom on so people can see it right there at their dining room table — what different models will look like on their home.

Q: Why is a sunroom a better option than a standard addition?

This is a way to give people back a connection to the outdoors — a place to feel like they have the light and openness and view of their garden or their yard, but yet they can enjoy it any minute of the day, any day of the year.