Create Videos

It’s easy to use AnswerStage to create videos!

  •   Open the App  Click on the button below.

  •   Sign Up for a Free Account  Enter your Name and Email Address.

  •   Compose a Question  Click the Plus (+) and type in the text of a Question that you would like answered by a video.

  •   Answer or Share the Question  Record a video response yourself or share the question with others by sending them a link. When they record a response, it will be available to you in the App.

  •   Generate a Production Video  Once you have one or more Answer Videos, use the Studio in the app to combine them and create a Production Video.

While the AnswerStage web app is designed to work well with mobile devices, if you’d like to try the native mobile app, it is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

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