New “Pro” Plan Makes User-Generated Video Marketing Accessible to Small Businesses, Associations and Event Organizers. 


AnswerStage is pleased to announce the launch of a new “Pro” pricing plan. At $49 per month the new plan is designed specifically for small businesses, associations, non-profits and regional events. It offers a cost-effective alternative to the current Business Plan, while delivering a range of advanced features and custom branding options.

Clients who choose the Pro Plan have access to a suite of tools to collect and share user-generated videos.  Common applications are customer testimonials, event promotion, and showcasing thought leaders. The Pro Plan’s custom branding options enable clients to add their logo, colors, fonts and other branding elements.  The response videos collected from community members are automatically transformed into professional-looking videos with animation, intro/outro segments, name and title labels, soundtracks, and more.  AnswerStage makes it easy to transform authentic commentary into professional-looking marketing videos.

“Small businesses and consultants are increasingly turning to video as a way to engage with customers, promote events, and drive sales. With the Pro Plan, we’re providing these organizations with an affordable and easy-to-use solution that will help them tap the full power of user-generated video for their marketing efforts,” said Chip Matthes, Co-Founder of AnswerStage. “We’re currently working with larger companies, associations, and non-profits across a range of industries, including ASIS, AUVSI, Innovation Women, National Restaurant Show, and Haley & Aldrich. With the launch of the Pro Plan, we can now make our innovative video marketing solutions accessible to a wider range of smaller organizations and businesses”, Matthes added. 

AnswerStage is innovating new ways to involve members of a brand communities in the process of creating compelling, coss-effective, word-of-mouth marketing. With a proprietary automated production process, AnswerStage is now the go-to solution for businesses of all sizes looking to harness the power of user-generated video marketing. 

Here are some great examples: 

Haley Aldrich Consulting

RISE Women's Leadership Conference