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The MostCost-Effective Way
to Create Video Marketing

The Most
Way to Create Video Marketing

See an example video with your branding in seconds
using our AI-assisted set-up.

Human-Centered Stories
Highlight Personalities & Expertise 


Maximize attendance by leveraging speakers and panelists as micro-influencers. Encourage networking with pre-event attendee introduction videos. Generate revenue from sponsors and exhibitors with add-on promo packages. 



Make people proud to be members of your Association.  Convey personal  stories of how the resources you provide have impacted their lives. Increase enagement and the value of your community.




Build your business on what makes you unique:  people.  Create videos of thought leadership, coaching, testimonials and recommendations. Use AnswerStage to build your brand community and reach new prospects. 

Make Great Videos in Minutes

Automate Collection & Production 

Create hundreds of videos at low-cost. Here’s how: 

Step 1: Create your Brand

  • Set the branding for your event or organization.
  • Upload your logo.  Pick colors, fonts, backgrounds, intros, outros, and styling elements.
  • Branding is automatically applied to all of your videos, so you only need to set the branding once (although you can update it whenever needed).

Step 2: Send Questions

  • Use AnswerStage to create links to send to members of your community (e.g Customers, Employees, Speakers, Attendees, Exhibitors, Members, Partners etc.).
  • Create a Question.  If you need help authoring a Question, AnswerStage uses AI + to give you suggestions for any topic.
  • Create a Link +.  You can set the parameters for the recording, including whether the response can be “audio-only” (for people who may be camera-shy).
  • Share the Link using email, text, or any other digital communications system.

Step 3: Receive Responses

  1. Your Contributors click on the Link + they received from you.  
  2. The Link launches a Landing Page + which displays one or more Questions.
  3. They then pick a Question to answer and go to the Recording page.  This works on any device; phone, tablet, or laptop.
  4. They record a Response and have the option to review and re-record if necessary.
  5. When they are happy with their Response, it is automatically uploaded and available for you to use in producing Branded Videos.

Step 4: Produce Videos

  • Select one or more response videos.
  • Pick a template, an orientation +, and a few other options.
  • The AnswerStage video production engine will render the production video, automatically sizing and inserting  visual elements, logos, background images, animations, text, captions, background music, and response videos.
  • Your slick, branded video is available within minutes.

Step 5: Share Videos

  • Share the branded video instantly + through the Gallery.  
  • Or, download the video as a file and then upload it to your website, blog, and/or social sites using your existing video sharing tools.
  • Have the video’s Contributors share it with their social network, amplifying its impact.

Just Ask our Customers

ASIS International

We’ve used AnswerStage to collect and produce videos to promote ASIS and our conference, GSX. It’s helped us highlight the stories of ASIS members and how we’ve helped them in their careers.”

ASIS International
Andy Cutler
Direct of Communications

Innovation Women

AnswerStage has made it easy for us to showcase hundreds of our speakers on YouTube, LinkedIn and within our member directory.  It’s by far the most cost-effective way to create professional looking videos.”

Innovation Women
Bobbie Carlton
Founder and CEO

Our AI-assisted set-up creates your branding,
questions, and produces an example video to match
your website within seconds. 

Videos Made With AnswerStage

Testimonials for ASIS

ASIS is reinforcing the value of certification by collecting stories from their members.  They ask “How has ASIS been a game-changer for your career?” and have received hundreds of responses.  These videos are posted on social media and their website to personalize their outreach. 

AUVSI Event Promotion

AUVSI collected videos from speakers and panelists prior to their annual “Xponential” conference.  These pre-conference videos helped drive awareness through the speakers’ social connections and increase attendance at the event.  

Testimonials for ASIS

AUVSI Event Promotion

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