When Events Have Gone Virtual
The Best Way to Engage
Is With AnswerStage

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Video is the  most compelling form of marketing.  And the most popular types of videos feature people.  Smart people.  Funny people. Honest people. People who solve problems.  People with answers.    

AnswerStage makes producing people-powered videos easy.  Send questions and invite others to respond.  Participants can record responses from anywhere.  Combine all of the responses you receive into professional-looking videos and share them through social networks, your blog, or email. Amplify your reach with built-in tools for all of those smart folks to share the videos with their connections. 

Built for the new Reality: Creating Content at a Distance

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed the way we conduct business.  Events have gone virtual.  Networking, panel discussions and the serendipity that happened at gatherings now takes place with a keyboard and screen.  AnswerStage is the perfect way to re-establish a personal connection – even at a distance. 

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Want to jump right in?  Here’s a question for you:  What types of videos would you like to make with AnswerStage?

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Combine multiple answers to create “virtual panels” showcasing the topics and people presenting at your event. 

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