How do you produce professional-looking videos without all of the equipment, time and expense? 

Now there’s an Answer:  AnswerStage.

Make Better Videos.

Free. And Easy.

Use the AnswerStage app to create professional-looking videos with just your phone. Simply record your answers to questions, combine them, and then choose from dozens of templates to make your Q&A “interview” look great.

It’s the quickest and most cost-effective way to produce videos for marketing, sales, training, public relations, customer support, or dozens of other applications.

Leverage your most knowledgeable spokesperson and teacher: you.  The familiar Q&A format makes producing videos easy and natural. 

With Any Smartphone.

In Just Minutes.

Anywhere. Anytime. 



Compelling & Beautiful.

Demonstrating AnswerStage with AnswerStage
Make a "Radio" Video

Sometimes you’re not in the right setting for a video or just having a bad hair day.  We’ve got you covered. Record your answers and use only the audio with the AnswerStage “Radio Wave” template. It’s like a radio show or podcast that you can hear — and see — anywhere.  

Simple But Powerful

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The AnswerStage app is available for both Apple (iOS) and Android but is not yet publicly released in the app stores.  Click the button below to learn how to get access to our invite-only release.

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