Video Q&A in a Brilliant Way

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AnswerStage Video Production Platform.
Send Questions.  Receive Video Answers.  Produce them into great “movies.”

Video is the most personal type of communication. But producing video can be costly, time consuming and complicated — especially with so many people in different locations.  

AnswerStage make it easy.  Send questions and invite others to respond.  Participants can record responses from anywhere with just their phone.  Combine all of the responses you receive into professional-looking videos and share them privately or post them on social networks.

Collect | Combine | Convey

These are challenging times with the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way we conduct business and interact.   AnswerStage is the perfect way to maintain a personal connection – even at a distance. 

Interviews & Virtual Panels

Customer Testimonials

Video FAQs

Personalized Thank-yous

Thought Leadership

“Why I Give” Donor Profiles

Feedback and Reviews


Want to jump right in?  Here’s a question for you:  What types of videos would you like to make with AnswerStage?

Videos Made With AnswerStage

Endorsements and Testimonials

Encourage your customers and supporters to be vocal advocates.  

Create “why I give” or “why I support” profiles for fundraising events.  

Show Your Personality and Expertise
Virtual Panels

Create virtual interviews with multiple panelists. (This example is shortened for demonstration purposes).

Simple But Powerful