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Plans and Pricing

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Billed monthlyBilled yearly
Save 20% with annual billing.
The easiest way to get started.
Create user-generated videos for free. Simple as that.
Basic Branding
AnswerStage Watermark
Easy Link Sharing for Social Networks
Single Question Links
Automatic Transcription and Captions
30 Second Responses
Up to 3 Videos Per Month
per month
per month
For Small Businesses & Consultants
Connect with your clients and members.
No Watermark
Downloads and Easy Social Link Sharing
Single Question Links
Automatic Transcription and Captions
Responses up to 1:30
Up to 5 Videos Per Month
per month
per month
For Brand Communities & Events
Make user-generated video a key part of your marketing.
No credit card required.
No credit card required.
Let's TalkLet's Talk
For Enterprise Partners & Agencies
Highly scalable, integrated video production.
Multiple Brands
Multiple Seats
Launch Training
API Integration
On-Site "Kiosk" Equipment
Custom Themes
Assigned Account Manager
Service and Support SLA
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