10 Great Questions to Collect Testimonial Videos for Your Association


As an association executive, you’re always looking for the most cost-effective ways to recruit new members and increase member retention. By showcasing the personalities, expertise and stories of your members, video testimonials are an effective way to generate this type of low-cost authentic marketing.  Member testimonial videos provide social proof to others considering joining your association.  This post by Hubspot notes that 91% of consumers trust recommendations from people they know, and 70% trust customer opinions that have been posted online.  The research and data prove that personal recommendations are an essential part of purchase decisions.  

The value of word-of-mouth via Marketing General, Inc.

Video testimonials also drive down the cost of marketing by leveraging user-generated content and amplifying exposure through members’ social connections.  AnswerStage-created video testimonials maximize the amplification effect by simplifying the recording process for members, while automatically adding animations, branding, and other elements to make the final product professional and impactful.

Once you’ve made the decision to include testimonials as part of your video marketing program, the key is to identify advocates and make it easy for them to respond.

The technology provided by AnswerStage smooths out the response process, but there’s still a need to think editorially – as an interviewer would – to identify enthusiastic members of your community and to develop prompts and questions that maximize their response rates.  Here are 10 questions that have been used by AnswerStage clients with great results. They should serve as a good starting point for your video testimonial marketing program.  Note that with the multi-question capabilities of AnswerStage, you can present any number of questions to your members and enable them to choose the ones that apply most directly to their experience:

Highlight Your Association  Members’ Career Advancement and Personal Development Stories: 

1. How has being a member of our association impacted your career?

It’s especially effective to show a direct connection between membership and career advancement.  Although not specifically stated, it provides a clear economic justification to become a member.

2. What informed your decision to get certified?

Similar to the career advancement, answers to this question are likely to show how certification leads to career advancement and more rewarding roles. 

3. What education and training resources provided by our association have been most helpful to you?

Continuing education is cited as one of the top 5 reasons for joining an association.  Highlighting how specific programs have helped your members illustrates the value inherent in in these resources.

4. How has our association helped you stay current and informed about trends and advancements?

Education is an on-going process and there are always new technologies, legislation, world events that your members need to understand.  It’s very helpful to show how your members and the resources that they enjoy helps them keep up with these trends.  

5. Can you share a specific example of how our association has helped you solve a problem or achieve a goal?

Here’s an opportunity to personify that impact of your association.  These stories are often powerful and enable current and prospective members to see themselves in these examples.  

6. Where do you see yourself in 5 years and how do you think our association will help you get there?

Membership is one piece in a broader set of personal priorities and goals.  Focusing on future outcomes and the role your association plays in achieving those goals illustrates the strategic and ongoing value.  


Highlight the Value of Your Association’s Community: 

7. What have you found most valuable about the events you’ve attended?

Describing the networking and educational benefits of events can clearly illustrate this sense of belonging to a community of people with similar interests and goals. 

8. What advice would you give to those interested in volunteering?

Most associations offer opportunities to serve in a volunteer capacity — either as part of the association’s activities or within the community. These experiences show how being a member can be a rewarding experience and provide visibility.  It also helps your efforts to recruit new volunteers.  

9. How has our association community and the personal connections you’ve made been helpful to you?

The value of a community translates in many ways.  It may be job referrals, advice or friendships. These stories illustrate how your association creates these connections.  

10. How would you describe our association’s community and culture?

It may be easier for some to talk about the feeling they get by saying they’re part of your association’s community.  It could be expertise, altruism, intelligence, humor, camaraderie or all of the above.  Let them provide more of an open-ended characterization.  


By asking these questions, and give your members the option to pick the ones that are most relevant to them, you’ll gather valuable commentary and personal stories that can help personalize the impact of your association and increase engagement. With AnswerStage, collecting, producing and sharing video testimonials is automated. You can harness the power of user-generated video and start creating compelling video testimonials for your association today!

Here are two good examples of video testimonials created by ASIS International: 


What advice would you give those interested in pursuing an ASIS certification?

For any professional that’s looking to get their certification through ASIS, I would definitely recommend going into the huge, elaborate network that ASIS provides – tons of security professionals who are not only ready but willing to help you study for these certifications, give you study material, give you wisdoms that they’ve acquired over long, amazing careers that will really help guide you to success, not only in the certification process, but also in future endeavors that you’re going to encounter. It’s an amazing system.


How has ASIS been a game-changer for your career?

I am very grateful to ASIS, because ASIS has been for me the door opener to a broad and wide network all around the globe, with so many knowledgable people that could help me in so many situations with their experience and some of them, even in the meantime, became friends.