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with Authentic Videos

with Authentic Videos

Quickly create and share Q&A style videos with your branding. 

Use AI to Assist You, Not Replace You. 

Stand out in a sea of AI content by being uniquely human.  



There’s no need for special cameras, lighting or production crews.  The whole process is automated to save you time and money.


Set up your branding and initial questions and you’re off and running.  Videos are produced within minutes. 


Hundreds of videos created as needed.  Videos are produced using our proprietary, cloud-based technology that automatically applies colors, logos, images, captions, and transition animations.

Maximize Impact with Two Types of Videos


Helping is selling. Build trust and engagement by addressing your prospects most-pressing questions. 

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Create “About Me” and “About Us” videos with AI-assembled Animation and Narration. 

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TurboCharge Any Marketing Campaign


Build your business on what makes you unique:  people.  Create videos of thought leadership, coaching, testimonials and recommendations. Use AnswerStage to build your brand community and reach new prospects. 


Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Realtors — you name it.   When your practice depends on people who know and trust you, authentic video is the most effective form of marketing.


Your brain is literally your business.  Illustrate your domain knowledge, methodologies and best practices by creating videos that help your prospects. Be the first firm they call for an engagement. 


Maximize attendance by leveraging speakers and panelists as micro-influencers. Encourage networking with pre-event attendee introduction videos. Generate revenue from sponsors and exhibitors with add-on promo packages. 


Make people proud to be members of your Association.  Convey personal  stories of how the resources you provide have impacted their lives. Increase enagement and the value of your community.


Show the people behind your organization.  Recruit new volunteers and donors. Show the impact of your cause through personal stories. 

Just Ask our Customers

ASIS International

We’ve used AnswerStage to collect and produce videos to promote ASIS and our conference, GSX. It’s helped us highlight the stories of ASIS members and how we’ve helped them in their careers.”

ASIS International
Andy Cutler
Direct of Communications

Innovation Women

AnswerStage has made it easy for us to showcase hundreds of our speakers on YouTube, LinkedIn and within our member directory.  It’s by far the most cost-effective way to create professional looking videos.”

Innovation Women
Bobbie Carlton
Founder and CEO


AnswerStage is the latest service developed by the team behind Delphi Internet, Prospero Technologies, Individual Inc, KnowledgeVision and CompanyLink.  The underlying philosophy behind all of these ventures is leveraging the power of user-generated content and word-of-mouth promotion.

There’s nothing more powerful than the collective knowledge, enthusiasm and connections of people within your brand community. 

And there’s nothing more compelling than great-looking videos.  

See co-founder Rusty Williams describe our origins:

Homepage V4 GPT era

Videos Made With AnswerStage

Testimonials for ASIS

ASIS is reinforcing the value of certification by collecting stories from their members.  They ask “How has ASIS been a game-changer for your career?” and have received hundreds of responses.  These videos are posted on social media and their website to personalize their outreach. 

FABI Award Finalist

The National Restaurant Association collected videos from their “FABI” Award finalists.  These videos helped showcase these exhibitors and the trends in the foodservice industry.  

Testimonials for ASIS

FABI Award Finalist

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