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Automated Video Production

Transcripts and Captions

All Speaker Response Videos are transcribed Automatically and those transcripts can be displayed as captions in Production Videos:

Automated Video Production


  •   Automated Transcription  When a Speaker Response Video is uploaded, a transcript for it is automatically created.

  •   Caption Editor  Before including a Speaker Response Video in a Production Video, you can use the caption editor to update the transcript.

  •   Captioning  We you initiate the creation of a Production Video, you can choose whether Captions are displayed in the video.

  •   Full Transcription  When a Production Video is complete, a full Transcript for it is available.


Templates define the layout and transition animations in Production Videos:

  •   Layouts  Layouts specify which elements are included in a video and where they are positioned. AnswerStage has templates with many different layouts. Some examples:

    • Virtual Panel Thumbnails of each speaker are arranged horizontally across the screen, resembling a panel.
    • Radio Wave Only the audio from speaker videos is used. Instead, a animated audio wave is shown when along with each speaker’s voice, profile photo, and contact info.
    • Full Screen This video has a square aspect ratio.

  •   Transition Animations  These are the timings and animations applied when an element enters, leaves, or changes state within the video. Note that transition animations can be combined to form complex animations.

  • Some of the Animations supported by AnswerStage:

    • Fade in and out
    • Zoom in and out
    • Move up, down, left, and right
    • Rotate clockwise and counterclockwise


Themes make a Production Video look professional and ensure the presentation is consistent with an organization’s branding. Theme attributes are applied to individual template elements, and can include:

  •   Backgrounds  The background of a Production Video can be a color, gradient, or image.

  •   Colors  The colors of all elements in a Production Video can be specified via a theme. Translucence can also be achieved by setting opacity.

  •   Images  Logos and other images can be specified as part of a theme.

  •   Scale and Positions  Themes can override the template defaults for element scale (size) and position.

  •   Fonts Font styles, sizes, colors, opacities, and weights can be specified in a theme.

Video Production Engine

AnswerStage’s cloud-based Video Production Engine uses Artificial Intelligence to produce slick, branded, Production Videos without the need for manual editing. The Engine automates the production process:

  •   Build Blueprint  Combine the template, theme, video settings, and selected Speaker Response Videos to build a comprehensive blueprint of the Production Video.

  •   Assemble Media Elements  Prepare all media elements required to build the video. These include Speaker Response Videos, background images, logos, and user thumbnails. Where dynamic text is needed, create image files with the text embedded using the fonts, colors, and sizes specified in the blueprint.

  •   Construct Keyframes  Using the timings, positions, sizes, and animations specified in the blueprint, enlist AI-based algorithms to construct keyframes that exactly detail the entrance, transitions, positions, opacities, and exit of each element in the Production Video.

  •   Generate Video  Send the video production job to a dynamically-allocated cloud resource. This is CPU-intensive and can be scaled as needed.

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