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How AnswerStage Works

It takes just four simple steps to produce and share a slick and engaging branded video!

1 Request Videos

Requesting Videos is the first step in the AnswerStage video production process:

  •   Add New Question Simply type in the Question. Your Speaker(s) will respond to your Question by a recording a Speaker Response Video. You can have each Speaker answer the same Question or compose different Questions for different Speakers.

  •   Send Question as Video Request  Each Question has a link, which you can send to one or more Speakers.  If you are using the AnswerStage web app, you can send it via email.  If you are using a mobile app, you can also send it via text message. The Question will be displayed (and verbally read) to your Speakers as they are prompted to record a Speaker Response Video.  You can also specify:

    • Profile fields for Speakers to include with their response (such as Name and Title. Profile fields will be displayed when the Speaker Response Video is shown in the Production Video.

    • Response Deadline to record and upload their Speaker Response Video.

    • Maximum Duration for their Speaker Response Video.

How AnswerStage Works

Note the text of the Question will be displayed in the Production Video immediately before the Speaker Response Video is shown, so the Answer has context.

2 Record Responses

AnswerStage makes it easy for your Speakers to record and upload a Speaker Response Video:

  •   Receive Request  Your Speakers will receive a link from you via Email or Text Message.

  •   Record Response  After clicking on the link, Speakers can easily record their Speaker Response Video. They can also re-record the video as-needed until the result is satisfactory.

  •   Upload Response Video  After pressing Save, the Speaker Response Video is automatically uploaded to the AnswerStage platform.

  •   Transcribe Video  A transcript is automatically created for the Speaker Response Video.

How AnswerStage Works

3 Create Video

Just a few clicks produces a slick Production Video:


  •   Select Answer Videos  Simple choose one or more answer videos to include in the video. You can rearrange their order as you like.



  •   Choose Production Settings  Pick a Template, a Theme (which can include your colors and logos), and configure some optional settings:


    • Title You can give your Production Video a Title. Titles are displayed during the Intro and the Conclusion. Titles are particularly useful when the Production Video includes multiple different Questions.

    • Captions If enabled, Captions are displayed at the bottom of the Production Video.

    • Background Sound AnswerStage provides a set of sounds you can choose to have running as background sound. Note that background sound volume is automatically reduced during Speaker Response Video sections of the Production Video.

    • Speaker Labels By default, Speaker profile fields are shown as a label during the playback of their respective Speaker Response Videos. You can choose to disable Speaker Labels.

    • Omit Intro By default, Production Videos include an Intro which shows the Title. If you choose to omit the Intro and include a Title, the Title will only be displayed during the Conclusion.


  •   Create Video  Click Create Video. Your Production Video will be produced by AnswerStage’s cloud-based engine and will be available within a few minutes. After production has completed, you can choose to enable Speaker Share (see below).


How AnswerStage Works

4 Share Anywhere

AnswerStage provides several methods to share your Production Video:

How AnswerStage Works

  •   Direct Share  Using the AnswerStage mobile app, you can share directly to LinkedIn, Twitter, Youtube, and Email.

  •   Share a Link  AnswerStage provides a link to the cloud-hosted video which you can share to any social platform, link from a blog post, send via Email, or send via Text Message.

  •   Download and Share  You can download the video to your device and share from there to any social platform.

  •   Speaker Share  If you enable Speaker Share (which you can do after the Production Video has been produced and you are satisfied with it), the Speakers included in your Production Video can also share that video, dramatically increasing its reach. To encourage sharing, they will automatically be notified.

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