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Get Speakers, Exhibitors & Attendees to Promote Your Events with Videos!

Send links, collect video responses and automatically produce great looking authentic videos without time consuming editing.

At Any Time

From Anywhere

With Any Device

No Film Crews Required


Get Speakers, Exhibitors & Attendees to Promote Your Events with Videos!

From Anywhere.
No Film Crews Required.

Speaker Preview

Exhibitor Promo

Maximize Attendance at Your Event


Market your event by leveraging speakers and panelists as micro-influencers.  Encourage networking with pre-event attendee introduction videos. 


Highlight personalities and expertise. 92% of people say they choose to attend an event to learn.  Start educating right away with quick-take, quick-to-make answer videos. 


Create why I’m looking forward to…” videos to help underscore the value of your event and encourage immediate registrations.


Feature sponsors and exhibitors to reinforce the value of their packages.  Enable them to invite attendees to stop by. 

Agencies & Organizers - Partner with AnswerStage

Make authentic video an integral part of your overall marketing services. Easily produce and share branded videos for any number of clients or events.  Post to social media with @ references to simplify sharing, discussion, and word-of-mouth promotion. 

AnswerStage makes it easy for  speakers to record great, professional-looking videos and the short format is perfect for event managers seeking virtual speakers for their events.
– Bobbie Carlton, founder of Innovation Women


How it Works Automated Video Collection & Production

Collect Response Videos

Send Questions

Group questions together and send links to speakers, exhibitors or attendees. 

Receive Answers

Contributors click the link and record responses using their computer or phone.  Answers are automatically transferred. 

Select & Combine

Select one or more responses.  You can choose a single response or combine multiple responses from one or more contributors.  Arrange them in any order.

Enhance & Produce

Choose a title, a template, and a theme.  Your professional-looking, custom-branded video is ready within minutes.

AnswerStage’s cloud-based video engine powers the service


Speaker Response Videos are automatically transcribed.  Use a section-by-section editor to review and make adjustments and then create captions.


Templates define the layout and animations of the Production Video.  AnswerStage has several pre-made templates and can create new templates as needed.


Themes make your video look professional.  Choose background images, colors, fonts, and logos.


The Video Production Engine combines captioned Speaker Response Videos, Templates, and Themes using AI to quickly produce slick, professional videos, at scale.

Basic Plan Free

Automated Videos at No Cost

Up to 5 Contributors
Standard Video Templates
Standard Video Themes
AnswerStage Watermark
Automatic Transcription
Configurable Duration Limits
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Custom-Branded Videos at Scale

Unlimited Contributors
Custom Branding & Themes
Your Logo, Fonts & Colors
Customized Landing Page
Multi-Question “Interviews”
No AnswerStage Watermark
Configurable Duration Limits
Configurable Respond-by Date
Automatic Transcription
Custom Fields
Kick-off Training
Content Planning
Email & Phone Support
Agency Terms Available (Serving Multiple Clients)
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