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AnswerStage AI-Assembled Videos

Web-based content transformed into Branded Videos with Animation and Narration

Share hundreds of videos produced using AI and automation

Matching Your Brand

AnswerStage’s platform and design services ensure that videos effectively convey your branding:

  • Colors, fonts, backgrounds, borders, opacities, corner radii, shadows, and other styling elements are chosen to best show the brand’s look.
  • By default, the Intro and Outro show animations featuring a logo and title.  Optionally, those animations can be replaced with custom video snippets.
  • Branding is automatically applied to all videos including landscape, portrait and square orientations.

Importing Data

AI-Generated videos are data-driven (no humans are needed).  Data can be be ingested from three sources:

  1. Delimited File.  AnswerStage can ingest a delimited data file (from Excel, a database, or any other data source).
  2. Web Scraping We have built scrapers for several common event management provides and can scrape data from their exhibitor listings.
  3. Domain Name With the domain name of a company, we can extract the logo, colors, and company description to use as the data for a video.
AI-Generated Videos

Publishing Videos

AI-Generated Videos

Producing AI-Generated videos is fast and scalable:

  • The video production engine will quickly generate the videos, automatically sizing and inserting  visual elements, logos, background images, animations, text, captions, background music, AI-voice, and waveforms.
  • A template and an orientation can be picked randomly for each generated video, so when creating many videos, they have presentation variety.
  • Slick, branded videos are available within minutes in a custom Gallery.

Collecting Follow-On Responses

AI-Assembled is just the starting point:

  • Companies or people featured in the AI-Assembed videos will receive notices to share the video and record follow-on response to produce even more videos.
  • The combination of AI-created content and videos featuring timely commentary creates a great portfolio of videos to share.  
  • This is the key to producing hundreds of videos without any burden on your staff.  
AI-Generated Videos

Social Sharing Amplifies the Impact

Slick, branded videos become impactful social marketing content when shared:

  • The same video can be produced using different orientations, so it presents optimally on different social platforms.
  • Branded videos can be shared to social platforms by us on your behalf, or by your staff, depending on your needs.  
  • Videos can be also be downloaded as files and then uploaded to your website or blog.
  • A video’s subject (i.e. exhibitor, speaker, attendee, corporation) can also share it with their social network, amplifying its impact.

AI-Assembled Videos Produced by AnswerStage

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