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AnswerStage People-Powered Videos

Remotely-recorded, cloud-produced branded videos featuring members of your Brand Community

Step 1: Creating the Branding

AnswerStage supports an extensive branding system comprised of many video settings:

  • Colors, fonts, backgrounds, borders, opacities, corner radii, shadows, and other styling elements are chosen to best show the brand’s look.
  • By default, the Intro and Outro show animations featuring a logo and title.  Optionally, those animations can be replaced with custom video snippets.
  • Branding is automatically applied to all videos, so it only needs to be set once (although branding configuration can updated whenever needed).

Step 2: Sending Questions

The AnswerStage web app is used to create links to send to members of your community (e.g Customers, Employees, Speakers, Attendees, Exhibitors, Members, Partners etc.):

  • Creating a Question.  All videos are creating in a Question and Answer format.  The web app uses AI + to suggested potential questions.
  • Creating a Link +.  A link is created for a question and is configured with parameters for the recording, including whether the response can be “audio-only” (for people who may be camera-shy).
  • Sharing the Link The link can be shared to Contributors using email, text, or any other digital communications system.

Step 3: Recording Responses

AnswerStage has made it easy for members of your community to remotely record a video response:

  1. Your Contributors click on the Link + they received from you.  
  2. The Link launches a branded Landing Page + which displays one or more Questions.
  3. Contributors pick a Question to answer and record a Response Video.  They have the opportunity to review and re-record if necessary.  Recording works on any device: phone, tablet, or laptop.
  4. When they are happy with their Response, it is automatically uploaded and available to use in producing Branded Videos.

Step 4: Producing Videos

Producing a branded video is fast and automated:

  • One or more response videos can be included in a single video.
  • A template and an orientation + are selected, and a few other options specified.
  • The AnswerStage video production engine will render the production video, automatically sizing and inserting  visual elements, logos, background images, animations, text, captions, background music, and response videos.
  • Your slick, branded video is available within minutes.

Step 5: Sharing Videos

Authentic, branded videos become impactful social marketing content when shared:

  • The same video can be produced using different orientations, so it presents optimally on different social platforms.
  • The branded video can be shared instantly + through the web app.  
  • The video can be downloaded as a file and then uploaded to your website, blog, and/or social sites using your existing video sharing tools.
  • The video’s Contributors can also share it with their social network, amplifying its impact.

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